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Can men wear women's panties

She had me strip down, which I did.

Is It Ok To Buy Girly Panties For My Young Son?


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When I'm alone with my husband I like to dress my husband with my girls old school clothes with a whig, and I put make up on him and as he's smaller and thiner than me he manages to wear my old tartan school skirts with butoned suspenders with a beret and a tie and long wollen socks now I've got a crush on him in my girl's clothes,and every week end I take my husband in the forest,and make love with him ,but I'm the one giving orders and being on top of him! Sunglasses So others don't know who they're looking at.

What is the Purpose of Women/Girls Wearing Underwear


I Want My Husband To Wear A Dress (17 Easy Steps)

I love to see girls with sexy clothes, after 10 year of married one night playing in bed with wife I try her panties It feel so sexy in the next I tried her dress I let me hair grow started wearing earrings 8 years later I still wearing women clothes almost every at home, my wife supports me, I enjoy that, U wear panties, earrings my nails painted at work of course on males clothes but as soon I get home I change my clothes to a nice dress.

What is the Purpose of Women/Girls Wearing Underwear

Some men suggest wearing underwear in one size smaller to emphasize their package, but this typically just leads to discomfort.

Are you supposed to wear panties with pantyhose or not?


Can men wear women's panties

The single member of our group, who moved back, was going to be partner.

Reasons why women don’t wear panties nowadays

My own mother hardly recognized me, my mom asked me if I was going to have a sex change, I told her I was still thinking about it.

Is It Ok To Buy Girly Panties For My Young Son?

Weight gain and advancing years can create support problems, with sagging or bouncing.